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The Company is currently performing a large clinical study to investigate the potential role of the immune system in ASD. Cell-El believes that study results will lead to better understanding of the condition and pave the way for future innovative therapies.


It has been known for several decades that the incidence of several (auto-)immune diseases is higher in families of children with ASD. Our working hypothesis is that immunological aspects might contribute to the development of ASD. Therfore, better understanding of the connection between the immune system and ASD may reveal potentially new direction for future treatments.


Inclusion Criteria:


  • Male and female children

  • age 2-12

  • Diagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-IV (299.00) or DSM-V (299.00).

  • Informed consent signed by the parents


Exclusion Criteria:


  • All children that have been treated with systemic steroids or have undergone immune suppression treatment over the last 6 months.

  • All children diagnosed with severe infectious diseases or sepsis over the last 6 months.

  • All children diagnosed with mild infectious diseases (including common cold, ear infection, etc.) over the last month

  • Children with ASD treated for a severe convulsive disorder.

  • Children with hematological or malignant disorders.


After signing an Informed Consent form, a Questionnaire addressing immunological aspects of the child and his family is filled. At the end of our meeting a single 5 ml venous blood sample is drawn. We offer to include routine blood tests (CBC, renal, liver & thyroid functions) free of charge.


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